This week’s prompt in a weekly photo project is “house on fire”, as in “you have 10 minutes to gather the things that you would take with you if you were forced to leave your house indefinitely.”

I am one of those unsentimental people who wouldn’t really miss any of my belongings much. If the house burned down, it would be inconvenient and costly, but there isn’t a thing in it that I would cry about. Everything important is digital. Where other people have scrapbooks, I note down my thoughts and memories here in the blog; all my photos are backed up in the cloud. I would still grab the computers and the network hard drive, though. Next I’d grab the one album with my childhood photos, and then my jewellery box.

The computers are ugly and the photo album is even uglier and truly the jewellery box is the ugliest of them all. (Fake leather just does not age well.) But the jewellery is beautiful. So I picked this one necklace that Eric gave me to represent them all.