This morning visited Spånga Gymnasium, the high school just down the road, for Djurexpo, their twice-annual open house day. They have an animal care programme, apparently with a lot of practical work, since they have a proper little zoo on their grounds: everything from hens, rabbits and sheep to snakes, stingrays, and an albino peacock. Ingrid, as usual, had little patience for walking around and looking at stuff. (Much more fun to race a friend round an obstacle of tree stumps.)

Then on to Spånga marknad, the annual spring market down on Spånga Torg. We got some useful information from representatives of the municipal government about the upcoming renovation works for Spånga Torg; a hot dog and ice cream and bouncy castle for Ingrid, tomato plants and honey for me, candy for Eric, and crowds to look at for Adrian. A lovely day for it, all warm and sunny.

Looked through the wallpaper albums with Eric and found some really nice ones. More browsing and, hopefully, decisions tomorrow.