The lighthouse

We headed to the Maspalomas beach again this morning: yesterday’s visit was pretty brief, and I myself never got to even go in the water. While Ingrid and Reet were playing in the sand, splashing and what not, I tried the waves and the sea.

The waves were surprisingly strong, enough to push me over in just knee-deep water. The loose stones on the bottom didn’t make it any easier. I kept losing my footing and once took a real tumble: I went head over heels under water, rolled with the wave, with stones bruising not just my feet by also my shoulder and arm. Later, throughout the afternoon I kept finding sand in my ears and in my hair – I’d scratch my scalp and find sand behind my ears.

But once past the surf, when I could just float, the waves were very pleasant. It was nice to float in salt water – I normally don’t float very well.

For lunch, pizza without cheese. Sigh.

In the afternoon we stayed in the hotel pools again, and then had dinner at the Italian place (Il Canale Grande) again, while Eric stayed at the hotel with Adrian. Better service today; average food.

Ingrid wrote postcards for her friends: “I got to ride on a camel, I will be back soon”.