Visited the Millesgården sculpture garden with Adrian and my mum. I actually went there primarily for an exhibition of flower paintings they had in their exhibition hall, because it’s about to end soon, but the exhibition didn’t really impress. The paintings were supposed to be complemented by texts that describe the flowers from a gardener’s perspective, which sounded really interesting to me, but there was very little of that. So we spent most of our time outside in the sculpture park.

They had a “sculpture hunt” for the kids: a set of drawings of sculptures from the park, but with one or more pieces missing, that the kids had to find and complete. This was good entertainment for Adrian. I’m very sure that without it he would quickly have bored of all that walking around and looking at sculptures. Now he actually had a reason to look at them!

He also loved testing the water in all the fountains. Actually so did I after a while – the day was very hot! – but I just splashed the water on my head and didn’t climb in with him.

There was one thing that really disappointed at Millesgården and it was their café. They had the most outrageously overpriced lunch that I can remember eating. This little sandwich with three pieces of herring and three small potato halves cost 95 kronor. And the edges of the bread were so dry and hard that I am not even sure how fresh it was.