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Normally Eric drops Adrian off at school in the morning and I pick up both kids in the afternoon. Once a week we swap, so I get a free afternoon/evening. Today was such a day.

I use these afternoons in various ways. Sometimes I go to a movie. I may go book shopping. Or I may simply work late, digging into some fun project.

Right now I feel no inclination whatsoever to invest more in work than I absolutely have to. I also don’t think I could focus on a movie. So I simply cycled home via a slow, scenic, circuitous route, through parts of town that I rarely visit.

The area around Bällstaviken is an interesting mixture of modern housing (including cool all-wooden modern apartment buildings), greenery that is still mostly dead at this time of the year, scruffy boat yards, and views of industrial buildings across the water.

I’ve been cycling to work several times a week now – since the ski trip I feel that I need to move more.

Not every day. Yet. Firstly, because of the unsettled April weather – I don’t want to cycle in rain or snow. Secondly, because I’m not strong enough to combine 20 km a day with twice-weekly strength training, and still have enough energy in the afternoon/evening for everything else that I want or need to do.

The situation at work keeps going downhill fast, and physical exercise is the best way to clear my head somewhat for at least a little while. Cycling, gym workouts, digging in the garden… I cannot focus enough to read, and relaxing activities such as knitting don’t distract the brain enough.

In the evening I’m still full of adrenaline. I literally feel like I have stress hormones up to my eyeballs. (And when I use the word “literally”, I do mean “literally” and not just “general expression of emphasis”.) Probably they extend above the eyeballs as well but I cannot feel them up there because there’s not much muscle up there. My body is ready to flee or to fight, almost twitching, looking for an outlet for the nervous energy.

There is so much going on in his body and mind. And he seems to have so little control over it. And it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

Even when he is in the middle of an activity, his body has ideas of its own. His feet climb the chair next to him. His body worms around on the floor. His mouth hums or makes random noises. His arms crawl into his shirt. His fingers poke or pull at things.

His mind goes off on tangents and forgets what it was supposed to be doing. What if everything we said “what if” about became real? What if make-believe games turned into reality, and then went back into his head when he takes a break to go to the toilet, and then came out again when he is done? What if he could go back to when he was younger, but not actually become younger?

“I like asking about words and things that I hear and that I don’t understand.”

  • Favourite fruit: crisp, hard apples
  • Favourite outdoor activity: cycling, especially on the trailer bike with me. Adrian is happy that cycling season has begun.
  • Currently reading: a lot of Bamse, and part 2 in the Örnfolket series
  • Good night stories: Rasmus and the tramp with me, Winnie the Pooh with Eric
  • Favourite plushie to sleep with: Yoda

After a lot of eating excellent Easter food and generally sitting around and not moving much, Adrian and I went out cycling. We cycled to Maltesholm, climbed some rocks, found a geocache or two, stopped at a playground, that kind of stuff. Just as we were about to turn around to head towards home again (and maybe pick up some more caches on our way) the April weather showed its unpredictable and changeable face, and went from sunshine to almost-hail and then to thick wet snow. Cycling in cold weather is not a problem, but big splodges of wet snow in my face made it really hard – I could barely keep my eyes open. It felt really good to get home.

We painted pretty eggs. They were so pretty that even Adrian, who doesn’t normally eat eggs, ate one.

If it was just about the painting, we could have done many more, but I feel we should paint only as many as we can eat. Which is not a lot. Boiled eggs are a good breakfast food, but not hard-boiled ones. That is not the most delicious way of preparing eggs. Hard-boiled eggs are OK when still newly cooked and warm, but after a day or two… not so much.

Recent official measurements by the school nurse: 136 cm, 31 kg. Unofficial current shoe size: 34-35.

Random facts:

  • Ingrid successfully manages and plans all of her school stuff herself. Homework, packed lunches for sports days, gym bag, and all other specials.
  • Ingrid uses her phone as a pocket computer. She plays games, posts on Instagram, etc. However she sort of forgets that it is a device meant for incoming communication as well. On the rare occasions when I actually try and reach her, after school while she is hanging out at “the club”, she almost never picks up and almost never notices my SMSs.
  • She likes fluffy, cool pillows – but when she goes to bed, she saves them “for later” and instead puts her head between the pillows so as to not squash them. Then of course she falls asleep there so the “later” never gets a chance to happen. Same with candy – she saves the best candy and eats the less good stuff first, so the best ones end up being thrown out because they are so old.
  • She likes looking at photos of herself, both baby photos and the things I post on the blog. She usually skips all photos and blog posts about other things.
  • We went through her wardrobe to sort out clothes she has outgrown or no longer likes. Almost everything went out, except blue jeans and a couple of tops and t-shirts. Almost everything was “too much colour”, “too many hearts”, etc. Skirts and tights are completely out. We will need to do a lot of shopping soon if she is to have anything to wear this spring and summer.

  • Favourite item of clothing: a lacy black dress
  • Favourite movie/video: The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Currently reading: Fröken Europa
  • Most recent movie: Boss Baby
  • Playing: Horizon: Zero Dawn, after seeing Eric play it, and Lego Harry Potter
  • Bedtime stories: Harry Potter book 5, and Howl’s Moving Castle (which I read to her in English, because she liked the movie)

We don’t have a habit of bringing back presents when we travel. But Arlanda Airport has a large Pocket Shop that sells sticker books that normal bookstores don’t have. The kids have been waiting for months for me to go on a flight so that I can buy sticker books for them.

Pokemons attacking the Qixels castle.