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5 years ago: Stars
10 years ago: Puddles

Spånga’s annual Christmas markets. Local small businesses, school classes and various clubs and organizations sell mostly Christmassy stuff, sweets and hand-crafted things. The scout group has several fun stalls, this year just like most years. The oldest scouts cook light meals over open flame – bacon omelettes and mini pizzas and such. The middle age groups sell toffees and sweets that Ingrid’s group made during last weekend’s “hike”. The younger ones have a lottery where you can win gingerbread houses that the scouts have decorated. Ingrid’s group manned a chocolate lottery wheel.

We had our office Christmas party today. A bus was supposed to take us all to the venue. This bus stopped right outside our office… we were rather disappointed when this turned out to be not our bus.

The party was pleasant enough. Decent julbord, and I was lucky with the (spontaneous) seating and ended up between interesting people. (I am no good at drawing people into a conversation when they don’t take any initiative themselves and respond to my questions with single sentences.)

Many days Adrian goes home on his own before I get to the school, so I don’t see this place so often any more.

More city lights. Hötorget (“haymarket”) and a cinema.

A loaf of bread and an iPad is all you need for contentment. Maybe some butter as well.

Shopping for some last-minute advent calendar fillers. Even though December has already started. All sparkly and shiny.

Walking through a gray morning to pick up Ingrid from a scout hike.

One elbow patch done. Phew!

I like to imagine that if the designer of this cardigan had decided to add elbow patches, then they would have chosen to make them just like this.

We had a knowledge day at work today, with talks and workshops on various topics. I spent much of the day playing leethack, a game of coding puzzles (sort of like Advent of Code) using Go.

This was my first acquaintance with Go. I’d never used the language before or even seen it up close. But it turned out to be a pretty normal-looking language, and I put my Google skills to work, and got some puzzles solved. (See also: Essential Copying and Pasting from Stack Overflow.) I even won second prize and a chocolate medal by getting one last highly-scoring puzzle solved just 10 seconds before the end of the game.

I’d been curious about Go since it’s an up-and-coming language. I’m sure it’s great for the things it’s great for, but having tried it, I am less interested in it than I was before. I discovered that Go has no generics, and no functional features – no map and no filter, just loops. Having solved much of last year’s Advent of Code using F#, I’ve gotten used to functional thinking, and without generics I feel half crippled as a programmer. One can get used to most things and find workarounds… but I’d much rather use a language that allows me to be productive out of the box.

I worked late today because of an all-day workshop about applied machine learning. (Great workshop, had fun and learned a lot.)

How nice it felt today to have such big kids. Adrian went home from school on his own; Ingrid took care of grocery shopping and cooked dinner. By the time I got home, dinner was already halfway done. No need for me to leave the workshop early or rush home to sort out the practicalities.