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Malt bread or vörtbröd is part of Swedish Christmas tradition. It is sometimes possible to find decent vörtbröd in supermarkets if you are lucky, but none compare to the ones that Eric bakes. Rich, spicy, most and yet fluffy.

The hedge hasn’t lost its leaves yet and is in fact still green. You’d hardly believe it’s December. Except that the sun is so low that even at midday it doesn’t even clear the neighbours’ house.

There’s a brief time window in the morning – maybe 5 or 10 minutes – when we get sunlight in the living room, and another in the afternoon around half past one when the sun sneaks in between the neighbours’ house and a pine tree. And a short while later, when the sun gets to the other side of that pine, the edge of the garden gets a moment of slanting sunlight.

We attended Stockholm Chamber Choir’s advent concert at the German Church. Beautiful. My opinion is perhaps a bit partial because one of Eric’s sisters is a member of that choir, as well as her husband, but I stand by it.

I’m no expert so I have nothing particularly insightful to say… The singing was beautiful and moving. The programme was interesting and varied and contained both old and new works, ranging from Händel and traditional Swedish hymns to John Tavener and other “modern classical”. (The Tavener piece was my favourite.) The church has beautiful acoustics, and choir used the entire church hall with great effect for rounds songs.

Make sure to attend next year as well.

Making her list, checking it twice…

Another end-of-term dance class demonstration.

Adrian reading “Captain Underpants”. The book has butt jokes, people running around in their underpants, and a time machine made out of a portaloo. Absolutely perfect for a seven-year-old.

Beading. The dominant theme right now is Minecraft.

A selection of English words and phrases that Adrian has learned and practiced via Minecraft:
Zombie pigman

This is the last week at Ingrid’s dance school, so parents are welcome to watch the last lesson.

I am trying (and failing) to buy winter boots. The old ones were worn to shreds (literally) and there was no rescuing them.
Tall boots are in fashion, but only for fashion, not for function. There are plenty of tall boots to be had if you are primarily looking to show off your long skinny legs. But tall, warm boots are apparently not in fashion at all. An the few that I found are all made for skinny legs. Which I don’t have. I can pull the zipper two-thirds of the way up, and no further.

I have some muscle but it’s not like I have a super athlete’s body. I wonder what the really strong women wear. Not boots, apparently.

(PS: I did find a pair in the end, with laces, so they fit snugly all the way!)

Central Stockholm used to feel so familiar, but after years of working outside the city centre, I now feel like a tourist there.