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10 years ago: I like my Waitrose

Early morning cirkelfys. Not the best time of day for a workout, for me… even though I had been up for an hour, my body was not fully awake. I felt slow and sluggish, and got dizzy as soon as I did anything that got my pulse up.

Pasta bake.

Learning point for me: give Ingrid a proper recipe to follow. An ingredient list with rough notes is not enough, and just means that she has to ask me about every single step, probably multiple times.

(There is a mirror on the wall that he is facing.)

First he wanted to build pyramids. Then we joined them up. And then all of a sudden our edifice somehow acquired a drawbridge, a catapult, and “this one here shoots laser beams”.

Afterwards, he said the pillowcase felt strange.

After the swimming lesson.