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After yesterday’s sightseeing, we went for a walk today, at Bodmin moor. The Cheesewring draws the biggest crowds, but I found the other, similar pile of rocks next to the Cheesewring more pleasing to the eye. But I guess it’s less exciting since it looks somewhat less ready to topple.

Even more interesting than any of the rock formations were the dozens of old, abandoned mining buildings dotted around the landscape. All still standing and looking strong (albeit roofless), over a hundred years after they were abandoned. I wish I could have seen each and every one of them up close.

Today also turned out rainy. Not so much that it really bothered us, except during lunch and snack breaks. Sandwiches get soggy when it rains on them. And once we got down from the moor, “wet” also meant “muddy”. Very muddy. Ideally we’d all have had rubber boots for this walk, but there’s a limit to how much you can pack for a one-week trip… So we came home with thoroughly sodden feet.

The weather forecast promised cool temperatures and rain all day today so we went to the Eden project and their giant bubble greenhouses. Even in there it was almost cold. Luckily there were some dry spells in the afternoon so we could see some of the plantings outdoors as well.

Rocky beaches and coves is what Cornwall is all about, for me. Carnewas beach and the Bedruthan Steps are probably the most spectacular example. A steep and narrow, winding staircase takes you all the way down from the clifftop to the beach. At low tide, it’s a lovely sandy beach where you can poke at mussel colonies and stranded jellyfish. At high tide, the beach is under several metres of water, and so is the bottom of the stairs.

Two views of the same beach, taken 4 hours apart:

We’re in Cornwall!

Back when Eric and I lived in London, we used to go on walking/driving holidays in various parts of Great Britain. We did Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, the Lake District, etc. Cornwall was one of my absolute favourites, and I’ve been longing to go back for a while. So here we are, in Cornwall for a week of walking and sightseeing.

Today we were sort of tired so we opted for sightseeing instead of walking, and visited Tintagel castle.

We flew to Newquay for a week of walking and touristing. It’s been a tiring day. An early morning flight, delays, transfer at Gatwick, lugging all the baggage around, a hurried lunch… This awkward combination of deadline after deadline and dead waiting time in between, and crowds and queues and cramped seats and one loud announcement after another (and you’re not even allowed to wear headphones during takeoff which is of course the noisiest part). Exhausting.

He is sweet and kind and cuddly. He comes up to me several times a day just to give me a hug. And saying good night always involves giving me big hugs and exactly three kisses (left cheek, right cheek, forehead).

When he gets angry, he likes to go full-on “aargh!” and slam doors. When the first slam doesn’t turn out loud enough, he re-opens the door and slams it again.

He is infinitely talkative. He is restless and full of energy. He likes cycling and climbing and balancing on things.

  • Favourite songs: Despacito with Luis Fonsi, and Jag trodde änglarna fanns med Kamferdrops.
  • Favourite books: Adam Blade’s Beast Quest books.
  • Bedtime stories: Karlsson-on-the-Roof and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  • Favourite thing overall: Pokemons, as in cards, Pokemon Go, toys, or any other shape or form. He saved up so he could by a “Pokemon Ash Greninja EX Box”, which he talked about so much that even I know the exact full name of that darn thing by heart now.
  • Jealous of: Ingrid’s iPhone on which she can play Pokemon Go.
  • Favourite game: Kingdom Rush Origins

If I have five fingers on each of my fingers…

He still loves learning maths. He’s now also learning to tell the time – it’s easy with full hours and half hours but “quarter to” and “quarter past” are hard, and relating digital times (“17:25”) to them is even harder.

All of a sudden he has started learning English, too. He’s been asking me how to say various things in English. Here are some important/useful phrases for a six-year-old boy to learn (at bedtime, of course, which is when all kinds of questions arise):
I am a boy.
My mom is a woman.
I am tired.
This is underpants.
I must sleep.

  • Summer homework: reading 200-ish pages in Estonian. She’s reading Roosi ja Liisu seiklused. Doing it on her own is boring, so she reads it out loud to me.
  • Favourite book: Ut i det vilda, from the “Warriors” series. Clans of warrior cats. I hardly believed my eyes when I saw the book and thought it must be a joke, but no, it’s for real, and Ingrid is mesmerized.
  • Favourite word: kummaline.
  • Favourite thing overall: Harry Potter. Suddenly she decided that she was super interested in everything Harry Potter. Now half her wall is plastered with Harry Potter posters, there is a wand and a set of “potion flasks” on the bookshelf, her birthday wishlist only contains one item – “Harry Potter things” – and she’s making plans for redoing her room with a Ravenclaw theme. Blue and gray curtains, that kind of thing.
  • Favourite new thing: her new Iphone. The old one was barely functional, so we bought a new (second hand) one. I was willing to pay for a model 5 but she wanted a 5S, so she is paying the difference out of her allowance. She’s paying down the debt by 10 kr each week.
  • Favourite toys: one little cuddly owl and one cuddly hedgehog. The hedgehog has sort of become her mascot. I’m not entirely sure how it got started, but it has to do with her nickname being Iggi/Iggy and hedgehogs being igelkott in Swedish.

Ingrid is working on a secret project of some sort, that requires buying pieces of wood and screws. I suspect it might be related to my upcoming birthday, so I am taking care to not pay any attention to it, so as to allow her to surprise me.