I could happily keep taking and posting photos of spring flowers forever.

Ingrid is off on a scout hike and Eric is working (on such a beautiful sunny weekend, too, poor guy). Adrian and I went out for some walking and sausage grilling near Hellasgården.

We first crossed the bridge to the west side of lake Dammtorpsjön, and I had hoped to maybe walk all the way around the lake. But Adrian was not very interested in the walking – his focus was more on the sausage grilling. (And on sticks, of all sizes.) So shortly after we came to the sunny cliffs with views of the lake, we already stopped for lunch. And I have to admit it was a very nice spot for that.

Very windy, though – and there were no flat spots further down, so it was either make do where we were or take a longer walk, and I was pretty sure the latter wouldn’t end well. I had real trouble getting the coals on the disposable grill to burn in the wind. The starter paper burned up in seconds without any effect on the coals, so I ended up building a little fire out of dry twigs on top of the coals to get them started. But we got our sausages done in the end.

From where we sat, the cliffs on the other side of the lake looked very inviting, so on our way back we made a little detour and clambered around there as well. We stumbled upon an excellent climbing tree, which must have gotten an awful lot of use as just a climbing tree – it had many bald spots and sawed-off branches. Adrian climbed up and I looked on, slightly envious, but I didn’t want to make him come down to make room for me. But then he suggested that I should climb as well, and I was not going to say no to that!

It’s been a late and cold spring, but today was surprisingly, wonderfully warm and sunny – the first day when we felt that the warm season is finally here. We celebrated this with the now almost traditional ice creams outside in the afternoon sun.

I went for a walk late in the evening in a nearby park and there was birdsong everywhere. There was one bird sitting low down in a tree, belting out its call so loudly that it was almost uncomfortable to be nearby. I never saw it so it was probably something small and brown.

Blackbirds are the best. They often sit on the roof ridge or the TV antenna of our neighbours’ house and sing all evening.

I don’t have the equipment to photograph them, so here’s yet another a spring flower instead.

The Viburnum x bodnantense has been trying to flower all winter, since November, and is now finally letting loose.

I first planted a Viburnum next to the front stairs in 2012, but it died there. I made another attempt in 2015 in a more favourable location – more sun, less shade – and it seems to thrive better here.


  • Captain Underpants. Reading in general, especially late in the evening when it’s bedtime.
  • Cycling.
  • Board games. We’ve been playing Secret Code several times recently.
  • Minecraft. Playing the pocket edition on his iPad is no longer enough. I’ve now set up an account for him on my computer and installed the real deal, so that he can play on public servers etc. Just like Ingrid at about the same age.
  • The Mumin books (which Eric is reading for him) and The Brothers Lionheart (which I just finished reading for him).
  • Climbing. Particularly in trees, but other objects – such as large rocks, sacks of earth, etc – also work. He is disappointed that we don’t have more and better climbing trees in the garden.
  • Most foods, except for tomatoes, unless they’re turned into tomato sauce. Well, that and anything sour/sharp, line vinaigrettes and such. Most recent surprise favourite: kohlrabi.

I’ve started spring cleaning in the garden, cutting back last summer’s dead perennials etc. Adrian came out to help me but lost interest in the work quite soon, and found better places to be.

Ingrid ordered squishies online and they finally arrived.

Squishies seem to be small cute animals – especially cats – in some sort of squishable, almost gooey material. I have no idea what the point is. But apparently they’re all the rage right now. Best thing ever, says Ingrid.