Today is release day at work. The release responsibility rotates so most developers are reasonably proficient in pressing the right buttons, and it wasn’t my turn this time. I normally stay in the office for the release anyway, especially if the developer pressing the buttons is a junior one, because I feel ultimately responsible. Today I couldn’t stay late, so I logged in from home instead, after picking up the kids from school.

It turns out the kids are surprisingly good at entertaining themselves and doing things together if they really, really don’t have the alternative of hanging around an adult. They spent a good long while playing with kinetic sand, and they even cleaned it all up after themselves.

The first scillas are flowering on the south side of the house, and more are on the way.

My brother has been staying with us for a few days. Adrian quickly made friends with him. They’ve been playing Skylanders together, and today they built an obstacle course (at a very tiny scale) in Geomag – with monkey bars and balance beams. These are the monkey bars.

I go to the gym twice a week.

Thursdays is cirkelfys, circuit training, with Lasse. Lasse’s cirkelfys class was the first one I tried, and I often think about how lucky that was, because it’s still the class I enjoy the most. Lasse is tough and demanding and makes me achieve more than I think I can, but he does it with good humour and I’ve never seen him push anyone too far. I schedule my Thursdays to make sure I can attend this class.

I haven’t yet found another class that can compare. I tried early-morning cirkelfys but concluded after a while that my body simply does not function effectively too early in the morning. I tended to just get dizzy and couldn’t do the exercises properly. So I gave up on that. Now I alternate weekly between a barbell class and a kettlebell class.

The barbell class is kind of weird because you’re supposed to do it in time with music. Lifting weights at someone else’s pace is distinctly odd. But for most exercises, the pace is slower than I would normally do, which is a good thing. Just takes some getting used to.

The kettlebell class is a tough one. In cirkelfys I feel like I do pretty well. Maybe I don’t pick the heaviest weights for all exercises, but I do for some, and in general I just feel like I’m keeping up. In the kettlebell class, by contrast, I barely manage to finish each section, and towards the end I definitely don’t manage, and afterwards I feel like a limp rag. On the plus side, it’s challenging, but at the same time it can also be a bit demoralising. Which probably means it’s really just right.

My favourite (and only) silk scarf.

Helium balloons at a birthday party.

People have birthday parties. People who have “round number” birthdays tend to have especially large or elaborate parties. I will turn 40 this summer and I feel no need whatsoever to have a party. So if you don’t get invited, you shouldn’t feel left out.

My birthdays are fundamentally uninteresting to me to begin with. And having a birthday party does not appeal to me the least. First there would be all this arranging and preparing, and then all these people, and there more of them I invite the less I have time to speak to them. No, not for me.

I wouldn’t turn down a cake, though.

Spring is here and I’m going through the kids’ winter outdoor clothes to wash them and put them away.

This is what came out of the left pocket of Adrian’s snowsuit. Apparently the left pocket is the “treasure” pocket; the right one is for mittens.

One rubber band.
One broken star-shaped LED light.
One screw.
One piece of webbing.
One reddish stone.
Seven white stones, some with a bit of sparkle.
Eleven shards of colourful plastic.

He gave me permission to throw most of it in the trash, except for the white stones, which went into the container of “somewhat pretty stones” in the hall. Where he will probably never look at them again, until I try to empty it.

This was an exhausting week at work. We had several workshops/meetings lasting over half a day, where the tone got more confrontational and less collaborative than I am used to. In order to recover I used up some of my flex hours to take a day off and go walking instead. There’s nothing like 7 hours outdoors on my own to restore my mental energy levels.

It was a beautiful, warm day, with blue skies and balmy winds. The lakes I passed were still covered in ice and so were parts of the path, but the brooks were full of snow melt and the hazelnut bushes were in bloom – the first plants to do so.

While Ingrid has her dance class, Adrian and I hang around and wait. Adrian usually with his iPad; me either with a book or (recently more often) catching up with work. Kindahls, where she dances on Thursdays, has a comfy if worn sofa, plenty of chairs and decent wifi. They even sell snacks. Danshuset at Brommaplan, where she is on Tuesdays, is pretty bare and uncomfortable in comparison – I need to use my phone as a hotspot if I want to be able to work. I’m secretly pleased that Ingrid enjoys disco more and is unlikely to continue with street dance on Tuesdays, even though one of her best friends is in the same group.

We went shopping for new shoes for the kids.

Adrian chose shoes in the coolest, brightest colours, with blinking lights in the soles.

Ingrid chose black with some white details.