I’ve volunteered to be the kitchen manager for Spånga scout group’s spring camp. Now that both Ingrid and Adrian are scouts, and getting so much enjoyment out of it, I felt I should contribute at least a little bit.

This evening a few of the scout leaders responsible for the arrangement went out to Gåseborg to recce the intended camp site – to plan out where the scouts’ tents will be, where to have the evening gathering, where to put the kitchen etc.

Much of the area was still quite wet, but we’re counting on the ground drying up in the coming weeks.

I volunteered as kitchen staff at a summer camp two years ago, so I have a rough idea of what is involved, but the step from just chopping and stirring to planning the whole thing is big. I hope I don’t overlook some essential part so that we end up with 150 hangry scouts!

Still working on the cardigan.

The hedges I planted last year are coming along nicely. A few bushes look like they almost died, but even those are getting new leaves.

Ingrid got a stylish new haircut. She looks so different! It keeps catching me by surprise whenever I see her again after she e.g. leaves the room.

We went to see The Sound of Music. Got to the venue a bit early, went in to the vintage clothes shop next door to pass the time. Adrian fell in love with the 19th century top hats and was rather disappointed when he heard the prices.

He always sets up the code and I always get to guess.

It is my turn to bake for this week’s Friday fika at the office. My colleagues will get kaerahelbeküpsised, Estonian-style oat cookies with candied orange peel, one of my favourite kinds of cake. I could eat these every day, but the rest of the family don’t find them as moreish as I do. It’s nice to have an excuse to bake them.

I could happily keep taking and posting photos of spring flowers forever.