I’ve now filled the three-week gap in my daily posts in September, so if you want to catch up and read all about my hike in J√§mtland (among other things) then you can start here and then continue with the help of the links to “older posts” at the bottom.

No, I have not given up blogging. My computer was out of commission for nearly two weeks, hence the lack of posts. Now that I can access my photos again, I will work on catching up.

I was away on a ski trip – an exceedingly satisfying one – all of last week, far away from work, housework, and other duties and musts and shoulds. Far away also from things such as wifi and phone networks, so my blogging is lagging. I will be slowly catching up soon. In the meantime, posts will be turning up out of order, so you may have to scroll down a bit if you want to be sure you don’t miss any.

I’m slowly catching up both with my backlog of photos from before I went on vacation. Post-dated posts will be appearing gradually over the next week or so, so do scroll down, or go to the “Daily” category to catch them all.

I am behind with my daily photos, and I will be falling even further behind because I am now leaving for a week-long winter hike in the north of Sweden. I don’t expect there to be any Internet access up there so any photos will have to wait until I’m back.

I’m posting backdated daily images below the kids’ monthly posts as I slowly catch up with culling and editing my photos. So scroll down if you want to see them all!

I have added a new page that shows all the daily photos in a gallery kind of thing. There’s a link at the right, next to the RSS feeds.

I’m experimenting with a daily photography project. I’ve managed to keep it up through an entire working week so it seems to be doable. Therefore it’s time to put it out here.

If you’re a regular reader, you will have noticed that the blog was unreachable for a few days. This was because the blog got hacked.

Really, to be honest, it looks like the blog got hacked a long time ago already, but nobody noticed. This isn’t a high-profile blog that someone would hack for its own sake, so there were no visible signs. It was probably just added to some list of p0wned sites. But now someone somewhere decided to use it to start sending out spam. Alarm bells rang at my hosting provider, they blocked access to the blog, and I started disinfecting.

I think I have now found and removed all the stuff that didn’t belong, so I’m letting you all back in. As part of the cleanup I deleted all plugins, so some of the extras are missing (notably the links to related posts).

The cleanup process was really not trivial. I’m not even sure that everything is 100% clean now, so I will be extra vigilant for some time. Without knowing both PHP and SQL, this would have been hopeless. I am glad I am a web developer.

I took a look at the stats for this blog for 2012, and in particular at the search keywords that bring people here. It made for some interesting reading, and fair amount of googling on my part to double-check the results. Can people really have found their way here by googling for “brown slimy mushrooms”? Yes, indeed, my photo is the #6 result.

Some searches are seasonal. In November I got a number of visits from people interested in chestnut animals (my photo of Ingrid and Eric making chestnut critters is on page 1 in Google image search) and both November and December brought people looking for pictures of felt advent calendars.

My photos rank highly for several product searches, where I would have expected more commercial sites to dominate. But their images probably get names consisting of long random strings of numbers and letters, rather than descriptive, search engine friendly ones like mine. I am, apparently, an authoritative source for images of “ikea shopping trolley”, “bugaboo the chameleon” and “stokke xplory” and “aerial straps varekai”.

The people who come here after searching for “space between cherry tree saplings” will be sorely disappointed when they find out that I do not plant cherry tree seedlings, but pull them out by the hundreds.

Several of my photos rank highly in image searches for unexciting search terms such as “standing on toes building a tower”, “jumping on stones” and “sharpening pencil for children”. Most interestingly, I have made Adrian the poster child for “unsafe kitchen with a child in”, “unsafe kitchen pictures”, “unsafe pictures children”, “unsafe kitchen” and a number of other variations on that theme.

I imagine some teacher somewhere searching for a decent summer-y photo of kids doing a wholesome summer-y activity such as jumping on stones. Or maybe a social worker preparing teaching material (for new parents, perhaps) about how to baby-proof your kitchen, and then using my photo of Adrian as a scary example of how not to do it. I wonder how many newsletters or crappy PowerPoint presentations there are out there, featuring Ingrid jumping on stones or Adrian playing with wooden kitchen utensils.