A simple breakfast can take a long time when the world around you is so full of much more important things to think about. Such as all the text on each package on the kitchen table. (Learning to read definitely did not help make meals go faster.) And the ceiling. And whatever is happening outside the window. And just about everything else.

I am tired, and especially tired of organising and managing things for other people, including my kids. But a birthday is a birthday, so I dredge up some energy and do my best to make it a fun day for Adrian. I don’t think he’ll remember it as his best birthday ever.

Admiring the view from the east side of Kärsön, towards Nockeby…

… and doing the same from the west side of Kärsön, towards Drottningholm.

Kärsön is a small island in lake Mälaren, mostly covered with forest. It is easy to get to by car, has a lot of walkable paths, and offers nice views in all directions. All set for a day of great walking.

The kids weren’t super excited about the idea of walking to begin with, but also did not want to stay at home, which was an option for Ingrid at least. They got markedly less excited the longer we walked. So instead of a relaxing nature walk I got about three hours of “are we done yet”. (The first hour was OK, with little to no complaining.) The net effect was a slight negative. So I still need my dose of peace and quiet and nature, so will be going for a new hike next weekend, with no kids.

Taevaskoda, “Heaven’s Hall”, one of the most scenic spots in Estonia with sandstone cliffs next to a winding river. Do the kids spend any time appreciating the view? No. They found a Pokestop.

Ready for lunch on the deck, equipped with swim goggles (don’t ask) and a battery-operated fan for cooling his mouth (don’t ask).

We bought another pool ring today and it was an instant hit. Mostly the kids use the floating toys for crashing into each other, pulling each other down into the water, climbing on the same toy so they both fall off, and other ways of getting both themselves and everything else exceedingly wet. (Which has on occasion had unfortunate side effects on the laundry drying on the rack next to the pool. Less than ideal positioning, perhaps, but there just isn’t that much space in the flat, sunny part of the garden.)

The kids and I took the bus to Vällingby after school to get vaccinated against TBE. (The third shot for Ingrid and me, the first for Adrian.) Both kids were surprised when the injection turned out to not hurt at all, and for the first time ever Ingrid is not anxious about her next injection.

I’ve seen information campaigns about TBE for years but somehow it never seemed very urgent. The risk seemed small and remote. After Ingrid’s experience with Lyme disease, getting us vaccinated felt a lot more urgent and important.

Blowing dandelions, on our way home from preschool.

We saw the first blowable dandelions a few days ago, and Adrian picked every single one. Today there were slightly more, but still few enough that both kids ran to them and almost kept count to make sure each of them got a fair share.

Ingrid and I spent much of the day cleaning out Ingrid’s room – sorting through all the piles of stuff that have accumulated everywhere, throwing away junk and finding appropriate places for non-junk. We took a big box of toys down to the basement, and lots and lots of papers to the recycling bag.

A beautiful, unseasonably warm day – one that wouldn’t feel out of place in July and actually felt more like summer than all of last summer did.

Adrian and I went to the Svandammen park when we got home. We packed some fruit, because Adrian is always hungry after preschool, and a water gun. I also packed his swimming trunks, just in case. And another water gun and a swimsuit for Ingrid, just in case she decided to come as well. And some extra fruit, just in case.

Ingrid did indeed join us after she left school, and I was glad I had packed all the extras. The kids had a lot of fun, so we ended up staying well over an hour and only got home when it was already time for dinner.

A few other kids watched Ingrid and Adrian rather jealously: one mum let their kids get in the water as well after rolling up or taking off their pants, but another said that this pool was not made for bathing and therefore “get out away from there right now”. No, it wasn’t made for bathing, but I can’t see what harm a bit bathing might do, as long as you don’t put your face in it.