Our last day here, and the last few hours of skiing our favourite runs one more time, before we head back home.

Weekends are the best because the slopes are so empty. And the first few hours of the day are the best because the snow is in better shape.

Kläppen in general has been quite uncrowded, actually – there’s noticeably fewer people on the slopes than in Idre for example. But there are also fewer runs to choose between, so I’m not sure which to prefer.

See that little pink-clad figure going down that large hump in the middle? That’s Ingrid. And this is the main snow park in Kläppen, apparently the best in Sweden. I feel no desire whatsoever to go skiing there myself, but it is quite nice to float past it in a ski lift and watch the pros do their flips and twists and tricks. Plus there’s music.

The first day we were all fresh and rested. Day two – still going strong. Day three – a bit tired by now. An afternoon stop at the waffle house helped some.

We go out almost as soon as the lifts open at nine and ski until late afternoon. After an hour’s break around four o’clock, the kids want to ski some more. Most lifts close at half past four, but some ski runs are lit and stay open until six. Those include a nice little stub of a run right next to our cottage. It is literally a minute away. (For future reference: we stayed in one of the cottages at Sjungarbacken.)

This late in the evening there are hardly any skiers here and no queues whatsoever to the platter lift. Up and down, up and down, with no downtime in between. It’s an easy “blue” run, suitable for the whole family – and it has a little snow park! The kids love the snow parks here at Kläppen and could probably spend half of every day going over the humps, over and over again.

Ingrid doesn’t blog, but she has an “a sentence a day” diary.

She’s pretty good at Mastermind.

The box says the game is suitable for ages 6 and up. While a six-year-old can understand the rules and be the “hider”, they won’t enjoy the “guesser” role much because all they can do is make random guesses. At 12 Ingrid has just about gotten to the level where she has mastered the game and can get the most enjoyment out of it.

Back from the library with a pile of the books.

Waiting for the gift part of the Christmas party.

Ingrid now wears reading glasses for, well, reading, but also drawing, writing, computer games and such. They make her look quite sophisticated.

Almost every week I notice her and think about how grown she looks.