Making her list, checking it twice…

Another end-of-term dance class demonstration.

This is the last week at Ingrid’s dance school, so parents are welcome to watch the last lesson.

Ingrid gave super relaxing, gentle back rubs to me and Adrian.

Ingrid doing her homework. She is preparing for a big test in Social Studies, which will cover the basics of all three major Abrahamic religions. The teacher has handed out several pages of practice questions and Ingrid is now trying to find the answers in her book.

It’s not going very smoothly, and it’s a good thing I’m here to help – the textbook is actually not very good. I haven’t seen anything there that I know to be factually incorrect, but it doesn’t make the connections between facts clear at all. For example, sometimes the book states two pieces of information right next to each other, without explaining the relationship between them at all. Sometimes this makes it seem like A causes B, or like B is an example of A, etc, but in reality there is nothing of the kind. Etc. As an educated adult equipped with an above-average level of general knowledge, I can unpick this vagueness, but for a child, this must be really confusing. I guess they must have covered this material in class as well, but either Ingrid has forgotten the details, or the teacher skipped some of it.

Adrian is more and more interested in playing Minecraft. Ingrid is sharing her pro tips with him.

More homework than ever. And tests to prepare for, which they haven’t had in the lower years. The time pressure of tests is stressful for her, especially the maths diagnostic tests that really have to go fast. She likes squeezing a stress ball or something similar to calm her nerves.

Loves reading Hunger Games (currently on book 3) and watching the movies. So much so that she reads until late evening and there’s little time left for me to read to her.

She still likes me to do that. I think it’s mostly because it’s a habit. Or you could call it tradition, perhaps. It’s something we’ve always done, so it makes her feel safe and secure. She is eleven and perfectly aware that there are no monsters but falling asleep alone in a dark room can still be scary.

We’re baking. All hands on deck – three cakes in progress in parallel, for the kids’ combined birthday party with family and relatives tomorrow. A tosca cake, a raspberry cheesecake, and cookies. Ingrid is enjoying the feeling of peanut butter cookie dough.