Shopping for kitchen cabinets.

I had a go almost exactly a year ago but didn’t get too far. How can you possibly compare two cabinets when you can’t even see them side by side because every brand insists on having their own, separate showroom? It was all too much work.

This time I found a shop that sells several unrelated brands of kitchen cabinets, all at roughly the kind of level (in terms of price and quality) that I’m interested in – including two brands that I went and poked at last year, so now I could actually compare them side by side. Plus there was a salesperson/kitchen designer there who I really “clicked” with. She had just the right amount of salesiness, letting me browse without being pushy, and then showing me alternatives that I hadn’t noticed but that I quite liked, and before I knew it we were talking measurements and booking a meeting.

This is looking quite promising.

Ingrid now wears reading glasses for, well, reading, but also drawing, writing, computer games and such. They make her look quite sophisticated.

Almost every week I notice her and think about how grown she looks.

This year we will finally redo our kitchen. It’s ugly, it’s half-finished, and most importantly it is inconvenient in all kinds of ways. Remodelling a kitchen costs a lot money and time, and I’ve been putting off the work of planning that project for a long time. No more! New year, new energy. The time has come.

The current kitchen has innumerable cosmetic problems that will be nice to fix (such as actually finishing the walls and such… and installing a countertop that isn’t cracking and peeling along the edges, and cabinet doors that hang straight) but most of the time I don’t even notice these things. I am so used to them that I filter them out.

I’m really looking forward to functional storage that actually fits our needs and, most of all, a larger working area. Currently I do all my chopping and stirring in that little corner space which is so narrow that I often use it diagonally, facing the corner. It’s hard to even imagine the luxury of having, maybe, like, twice that space!

Whiling away the hours until midnight and the new year. The rest of the celebrations isn’t important to me but I do love fireworks so I stay awake.

We have a great spot for watching fireworks – on the roof of our extension. It’s flat, relatively easy to reach with a ladder and high enough to be above most of the trees and other houses nearby. We get great views in three directions, so we see all the neighbourhood fireworks as well as bigger ones all the way to Kista.

We went for a snowy and icy walk. (Kallhäll to Görväln and back.)

The bird feeder makes for great mealtime entertainment. It’s kind of like an aquarium but natural and noisy.

This year, like last year, redpolls dominate. Goldfinches, great tits, blue tits, nuthatches, jays, and blackbirds are all regular visitors, but none in such numbers as the redpolls.

When the redpolls come en masse, there are tens and tens of them, such a swarm that they are hard to count. The “restaurant” feeder they like best has 12 “seats”, plus some room on the rim. Those spots are all completely full. More birds hang around nearby, waiting for their turn. And on the ground below, there’s at least as many as up on the feeder – and then yet more birds in the trees and bushes that we can hear but not see.

The kids had a grand day out – we went to my work and they played Cuphead on the Xbox in our lounge for hours and hours, while I caught up with my pile of unread issues of the Economist.

We decorated gingerbread cookies.

The Estonian post office knows how to design postage stamps that evoke a Christmas feeling. This parcel fit right in with the prettily gift-wrapped ones under the tree.