Since a possibly broken arm is not life-threatening, our wait at the hospital lasted half the night, in one waiting room after another. The last of my photos is dated 03:28.

In the end no actual structural damage was found. Ingrid is very sensitive to pain. The smallest scratch is “hurts a lot”, and this time it was obvious she was in great pain. But apparently that’s all it was.

Ingrid fell and badly hurt her arm – she couldn’t move her hand and it hurt if anyone so much as put a finger near her hand or arm. We spent the latter part of the evening at the nearest emergency department to get it checked out. By midnight we were still waiting.

There is a travelling Tutankhamun exhibition in town, with replicas of all the contents of his grave.

Beautiful and interesting, especially the parts where the treasures were presented in heaps and piles just as they were found in the burial chamber. But it was all so bright and shiny and clean that it truly felt as fake as it was. It definitely did not feel thousands of years old.

I knew that pharaohs were buried with all sorts of treasures for the afterlife, as well as figurines to act as their servants. And I guess almost everybody is familiar with Tutankhamun’s burial mask. I was not aware, though, of just how many layers of coffins and shrines there were protecting his mummified remains. Inside the tomb were four shrines inside each other, then a stone sarcophagus, and finally three nested coffins. The coffins are iconic and often photographed, but the shrines were new to me.

We went skating.

Adrian is now often the one who first proposes we go skating. Last winter he wouldn’t even try – and now he loves it.

They have outings at school every Thursday, and this week’s outing was a trip to the skating field. Even though the kids got no actual instruction, just skated around, he must have gotten lots of practice – he is so much faster and more confident on the ice than he was last time we were here. Last time he was mostly stepping on his skates; now he is actually gliding.

Those cute penguin skates are Ingrid’s and not Adrian’s. She loves all things cute, and these penguins are just awesome.

Friday night comfort food for the whole family: super-cheesy broccoli muffins. In fact there is so much cheese in them that they are barely muffins any more, they’re more like cheese fluff balls. Easy to make and easy to eat, and the kids love them. Best of all: they can be eaten in the sofa in front of a movie.

Ingrid making a late night egg and mayo wrap sandwich.

I needed more pencils for my colouring. There were way too few blues in the set I got for Christmas. And yellows. Too few of most colours, in fact, except black and white…

I was surprised at just how expensive pencils can be. The ones I bought are step up from the low budget stuff, and quite nice, but I wonder what it might feel like to use the really high quality stuff.

Our Pikachu project is progressing – we’ve sewn all the details onto the front and back parts, and now only final assembly remains.

Both kids longed to play a board game, and we settled on Ticket to Ride, one of our favourite games. Even Adrian can now join in, with just a few adjustments.

It began well, but then as time passed, things started going downhill. Ingrid made a mistake (built the wrong route at one point) and then decided to get all huffy and sulky and took to throwing her cards when it was her turn. Adrian had increasing difficulties with sitting still and kept fidgeting and climbing around. My mother was constantly complaining about how worthless cards she kept getting. Eric and I made efforts to steer everyone back towards enjoying the game, then gave up on that and enjoyed ourselves only. Finally everybody else’s obvious non-enjoyment got to be too much for us as well, and we simply aborted the game and packed up.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, they complained about that as well. They all got some odd kind of pleasure out of their non-enjoyment of the game.