Eric and I went to the Opera to see some modern dance.

The Royal Opera doesn’t allow the audience to take any photos of the performance, and even if they did, I probably wouldn’t.

From some days I only have boring photos in bad light.

That’s because some days all I do and see is boring.

That is also worth remembering.

She’s already making plans for doing disco twice a week during the next school term, and talking about advancing to the level when she can join the competitive disco group.

Corn fritters. Mise en place like a pro.

On my way home after working late.

Adrian and I played War but with Skylanders cards instead of normal playing cards.

He only has 12 Skylanders cards, three of which are non-character cards and had to be left out, and then to get to an even number we left out one more card, so we ended up with four cards each to begin with.

Unlike the normal game of War, this version was actually pretty fast to play.

Ingrid is abstaining from sweets and from most digital entertainment for Lent. Our family is pretty non-religious so I don’t exactly know where she got the inspiration, but anyway.

She’s having to make an effort to come up with non-digital pastimes. Today she joined Adrian in beading for the first time in forever.

Adrian took a photo of me yesterday.

My expression of amused resignation was due to what Adrian was doing at the time – sort of eating snacks, in a rather slow and silly way, and then showing off for the camera.

Ready to go down the slope.

If you look carefully, you can see a glimpse of blue sky back there! We’re ending our ski trip on a high note, with the best skiing conditions thus far.

Adrian goes down the hill like a hay wagon. Plants his skis wide, aims them in the right direction and then heads straight down. Barely brakes, rarely turns.

Ingrid shows off her hockey stop skills.