Nu är glada julen slut, slut, slut,
julegranen kastas ut, ut, ut…

Some years we buy a spruce. This year we had a fir tree. The spruces smell nice but shed needles like crazy. This one shed almost none, and just started looking a bit limp after a long time of no watering. Almost hard to believe that it wasn’t made of plastic. Very practical.

Mysterium is one of our favourite board games ever. It’s easy to explain to guests who haven’t played it before, and maybe haven’t played many board games at all. It’s social and cooperative, and it’s fresh every time – and if you feel like it’s growing a bit stale, then all you need to do is swap out the player who’s playing the role of the spirit.

In the background we have Gandalf keeping an eye on the game. Adrian has discovered Funko Pop figures, and we’re currently reading The Hobbit, and he got a gift card for Christmas, so he’s building up a collection.

Adrian likes to help me order groceries online, from MatHem. “Can I click?”

I haven’t taken any self-portraits for at least a year. But this week I got (a) a new tripod mount for my camera, to replace the one that got stolen together with my previous camera in last year’s burglary, and (b) a new haircut, which is just like the old haircut but fresher, and this combination was simply begging to be used for a self-portrait.

A fresh haircut always feels so good. I love the clean, free feeling of having no hair touch my neck or ears.

The kitchen plans are solidifying.

We have a cleaning lady who comes here for a few hours every other Tuesday and cleans the house, top to bottom. She is good at cleaning but she has this odd habit of not putting things back as they were, when she needs to move them. It’s like she doesn’t think it matters where things are, as long as they are roughly in the same area as before.

Today, one of our four recycling bags was empty, because I just emptied it yesterday. What does she do? She folds it and puts it away to one side. What use is a folded-up recycling bag that you cannot put anything in? Absolutely zero use!

In the bathroom we have three hooks. The one closes to the sink is for the hand towel; the other two are for the kids’ bathrobes. Ingrid’s bathrobe is longest, so its hook is higher up than the others. And when the cleaner is done cleaning, Ingrid’s bathrobe hangs on the lower hook so its bottom is in a pile on the floor, and meanwhile the hand towel is on the far hook that is out of the way and hard to reach.

I don’t understand how she thinks. Or maybe she is the normal one, maybe people don’t have a fixed, best place for everything. Maybe it’s we who are the weird ones.

Eric gave me a Kindle for Christmas. I guess he got tired of me borrowing his for trips and hikes, haha.

I love actual physical, paper books, but the Kindle certainly has its benefits. The screen is amazingly easy on the eyes. It’s more comfortable to read with one hand. And it’s scary how easy it is to buy new books! I just finished a paper book (the first in Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series) and Adlibris doesn’t seem to sell it so now I have to somehow survive without the sequel until I can find time to visit the Science Fiction Bookshop. Had I been reading the series on the Kindle, the sequel would have been a few taps away.

It takes a lot of eggs to make a Sunday breakfast for this family.

Waiting for the gift part of the Christmas party.

This moving box has contained, throughout various moves and simply while sitting in our basement:

  • Books
  • Electronics
  • The contents of a desk
  • Jackets and coats
  • A pirate ship

The pirate ship in question is now being handed down to the little cousins as a Christmas gift. It had its time, but Adrian hasn’t played much with such toys for some time now.