Waiting for the gift part of the Christmas party.

The kids had a grand day out – we went to my work and they played Cuphead on the Xbox in our lounge for hours and hours, while I caught up with my pile of unread issues of the Economist.

Today is the last day at school before Christmas break, and class 2B treated us to Christmas carols.

As part of the advent calendar, we made paracord bracelets.

This Lego motor piece is Adrian’s current favourite. He attaches various Lego pieces to the rotary end and makes them spin, and experiments. It turns out that heavy pieces move more slowly; small pieces move fast and make a different noise. When the motor is held upright, it takes a bit of time before a heavy “propeller” lifts into a horizontal position.

Evening skating at SpÄnga IP. The small rink appeared more or less unmaintained and was covered with a layer of snow. The large one, as usual, is only open to the general public after 18:00.

Many days Adrian goes home on his own before I get to the school, so I don’t see this place so often any more.

A loaf of bread and an iPad is all you need for contentment. Maybe some butter as well.

Adrian reading a puzzle book (in English, no less) while perched on top of a garbage can.

How can that possibly be comfortable?