Adrian reading “Captain Underpants”. The book has butt jokes, people running around in their underpants, and a time machine made out of a portaloo. Absolutely perfect for a seven-year-old.

Beading. The dominant theme right now is Minecraft.

A selection of English words and phrases that Adrian has learned and practiced via Minecraft:
Zombie pigman

Ingrid gave super relaxing, gentle back rubs to me and Adrian.

Beading is back in fashion. Almost every day, Adrian brings home some new creation from school, and he makes more at home during weekends. Mostly Minecraft-themed objects.

The buckets of beads at school are mostly full of happy colours that kids are expected to like – pink, yellow, light green – and there is a permanent shortage of black, white, gray, brown etc. I actually went shopping for beads in darker and duller colours that I could then donate to the school. The next day the table was full of beaded black monsters etc.

Adrian is more and more interested in playing Minecraft. Ingrid is sharing her pro tips with him.

Swim school, which he used to love, turned into a struggle recently. He disliked the new pool, and the new teacher really isn’t particularly good with children. And, really, I think he was “promoted” to the next level too early, so every exercise was just a bit too hard.

I got him moved down to his previous level, so he’s back in the familiar pool and with a somewhat familiar teacher. Now he loves swim school again.

He loves it when I carry him, especially when I carry him up the stairs at bedtime, and when I pick him up at school. I used to lift him as he jumped, but now he’s decided he wants to climb up with no help from me. Well, I help passively, by standing strong and holding out my arms at waist level so he can hold on to them. He grabs hold and pulls and jumps and wiggles a bit, and then he’s up and clinging to me like a little monkey. It was an effort initially but now it often just takes him a few seconds.

We bought some jigsaw puzzles. Adrian’s favourite was the most garishly coloured one. He claims they’re teddy bears.

Not only was this model fun to build – it also shoots little plastic darts.

Adrian finished a Lego Ninjago set he got as a birthday present.