More snow kept falling throughout the night, and by morning we had enormous amounts of snow everywhere. Not quite to the point where we couldn’t open the doors, but definitely enough that I was glad it was Sunday and not Monday.

The kids had a grand day. The snow lay so thick on both stairs and street that the lower stairs could be used as a sledding slope – it wasn’t even noticeably uneven. And there were snow angels to make, and wading through the piles of snow, and rolling through the snow down a hill. Later in the afternoon we went to the library and the streets still hadn’t been cleared or sanded so I could pull the kids on the sled. (Good thing I’ve been going to the gym; Ingrid and Adrian together weigh more than I do.)

While the kids played, I shovelled. And then shovelled some more, and some more. The snow was heavy and thick, over 20 cm in places, and the two staircases and the driveway took me an hour and a half. (Good thing I’ve been going to the gym, again.) The pile where I deposited the snow from the driveway is tall enough to be a little sledding hill of its own.

The traffic chaos in town today must have been quite something. It took until later afternoon before the streets around here were mostly passable, and then they were still edged by massive piles of snow, the largest ones taller than me.