We have a cleaning lady who comes here for a few hours every other Tuesday and cleans the house, top to bottom. She is good at cleaning but she has this odd habit of not putting things back as they were, when she needs to move them. It’s like she doesn’t think it matters where things are, as long as they are roughly in the same area as before.

Today, one of our four recycling bags was empty, because I just emptied it yesterday. What does she do? She folds it and puts it away to one side. What use is a folded-up recycling bag that you cannot put anything in? Absolutely zero use!

In the bathroom we have three hooks. The one closes to the sink is for the hand towel; the other two are for the kids’ bathrobes. Ingrid’s bathrobe is longest, so its hook is higher up than the others. And when the cleaner is done cleaning, Ingrid’s bathrobe hangs on the lower hook so its bottom is in a pile on the floor, and meanwhile the hand towel is on the far hook that is out of the way and hard to reach.

I don’t understand how she thinks. Or maybe she is the normal one, maybe people don’t have a fixed, best place for everything. Maybe it’s we who are the weird ones.