Shopping for kitchen cabinets.

I had a go almost exactly a year ago but didn’t get too far. How can you possibly compare two cabinets when you can’t even see them side by side because every brand insists on having their own, separate showroom? It was all too much work.

This time I found a shop that sells several unrelated brands of kitchen cabinets, all at roughly the kind of level (in terms of price and quality) that I’m interested in – including two brands that I went and poked at last year, so now I could actually compare them side by side. Plus there was a salesperson/kitchen designer there who I really “clicked” with. She had just the right amount of salesiness, letting me browse without being pushy, and then showing me alternatives that I hadn’t noticed but that I quite liked, and before I knew it we were talking measurements and booking a meeting.

This is looking quite promising.