This year we will finally redo our kitchen. It’s ugly, it’s half-finished, and most importantly it is inconvenient in all kinds of ways. Remodelling a kitchen costs a lot money and time, and I’ve been putting off the work of planning that project for a long time. No more! New year, new energy. The time has come.

The current kitchen has innumerable cosmetic problems that will be nice to fix (such as actually finishing the walls and such… and installing a countertop that isn’t cracking and peeling along the edges, and cabinet doors that hang straight) but most of the time I don’t even notice these things. I am so used to them that I filter them out.

I’m really looking forward to functional storage that actually fits our needs and, most of all, a larger working area. Currently I do all my chopping and stirring in that little corner space which is so narrow that I often use it diagonally, facing the corner. It’s hard to even imagine the luxury of having, maybe, like, twice that space!