Games night at work.

First we played Joking hazard which was a decent warm-up game, but wasn’t really my kind of humour.

We followed it with Betrayal at House on the Hill which was… weird. The scenario we drew ended up taking us three hours instead of one, and we were quite exhausted at the end. We had very conflicting opinions about the game. One of the guys said he would happily start over then and there if he could only get some food and coffee first. Me, I found it interesting but also contrived and fiddly. I imagine that you need to feel immersed in the story to really enjoy it. We never managed to get very immersed because so much of our attention was needed for the endless dice-rolling and counting of points vs other points, and checking which of all the special rules were in effect at any point.

Still, as a social activity it was all fun, and I’m looking forward to the next games night already.