I don’t actually know much about Lars Lerin or his works, but the little I’ve seen (including some postage stamps with winter motifs) has made me want to see more. The exhibition at Liljevalchs seemed like a great opportunity.

The exhibition was organized thematically. The winter landscapes were present, and were my favourite part of the exhibition. The light and especially twilight in them is both very real and somehow otherworldly in its soft luminosity. I wondered what I would have seen in that same place, at that same moment – would I have seen that same light in the real world, or was it only in his eyes? What would a photo of the same scene have looked like?

That same treatment applied to cityscapes from war-broken Syria was surreal. The combination of soft light and gaping holes in and between houses is jarring. Seen up close, they break down into squares of light and dark: painted from photographs, I’m pretty sure.

Other themes and topics were technically impressive but uninteresting. Especially his paintings of people felt impersonal, as if he was observing them clinically from a distance.