I was not the only one to catch a stomach bug here at camp. And my symptoms were mild; others have it much worse and are being sent home. The medical team (yes, we have a whole team) have been to the nearest hospital and returned with lots of hand sanitizer, and split up the loos and hand-washing stations by scout group to minimize the risk of the infection spreading.

The supply manager was among those, so this evening I was hastily promoted from assistant to supply manager. I now have a whole tent full of stuff to manage. I have no real clue about what’s in here or what I’m really supposed to do with it all.

So I’m making it up as I go along. Answering “yes” when people come and ask for stuff, working under the assumption that most reasonable requests have been foreseen and prepared for – and then digging through the boxes and crates to find it.

PS: I later learned that the doctors were mere hours away from shutting down the camp because the stomach bug was spreading so alarmingly fast. None of the scouts knew, of course – they just grumbled over all the hand-washing and sanitizing they were forced to do before each meal. I also learned that the root cause was a single scout who had arrived at camp with diarrhoea. And by doing that, almost ruined it for two hundred people. Parents, don’t be idiots and send sick kids to camp.