The weather is still intolerably hot so, even though it’s beautiful outside, we’re looking for indoor activities. Today we visited Tartu’s new “upside down house”. Which is simply a house that is upside down. You can visit it and walk around inside and look at how weird it all feels.

It isn’t exactly 180 degrees upside down but at a slight angle, which makes it feel even more weird.

The concept sounds cool but once inside I didn’t find it particularly impressive. Many of the rooms were rather sparsely furnished and decorated. They’d done the easy part – screwing chairs and tables to the ceiling – but not the extra touches that would have strengthened the illusion and made it feel real, like maybe plants or shower curtains etc.

I don’t know if it was because of that, or because the brain is hard to trick, but I never really got the feeling that I’m in an upside-down house: it simply felt like a house with furniture in the ceiling.

The entry fee was quite steep for the brief time we spent in the house. So even though this looks cool, I didn’t find it worth the money and wouldn’t recommend it.

We barely went outdoors today, but in the afternoon we were nevertheless wilting in the heat. At one point we forced ourselves to go out to buy ice cream to cool us. There is a pleasant, quiet, shady cemetery nearby, right next to the nearest supermarket, and we stopped there to eat our ice creams. The relief was, unfortunately, temporary.