I left the kids playing Minecraft, Fortnite, Legos etc with their friends, and went off clothes shopping.

Just like with food, I’m picky about the clothes I wear. I want both my food and my clothes to be interesting, flavourful, varied. I don’t generally like Swedish fashion, and not Estonian fashion either, just like I don’t like most restaurant food. I cook dinner every night and bring lunch boxes to work not to be frugal but because I like my own cooking so much better than all the takeaway lunches nearby.

Swedish fashion currently is dull and ugly. Ugly patterns, ugly dull colours (mustard and muted dark blues and reds, 1970s are back in fashion again) and often even ugly shapes. I look at fashion photos in web shops and wonder, who the heck wants this bag of a dress that hangs like a rag and makes your body look like a formless lump?

Estonian fashion looks better but tends to be too frilly and flowery and feminine for my taste. But: I was lucky to find this little shop which mostly had French fashion and I bought a whole pile of dresses!