This month’s big new thing is the new haircut of course. It’s taken me a while to get used to it, but now Ingrid no longer looks like a stranger. She herself is amazed by how easy to care for the shorter hairdo is – how she can wash her hair in the morning and have it almost dry before it’s time to leave for school.

Ingrid’s mornings are otherwise getting lazier. She wakes when the alarm goes off at seven, but it usually takes half an hour before she actually gets out of bed. The bed is so fluffy and cosy, she says. So she lies there and fiddles with Instagram och Snapchat and such. Once she does get up, she’s fast and efficient, and her breakfasts are light, so she still gets out the door in time.

Instead she stays up later and later in the evenings. We used to have nine as the cutoff for good night stories – if she wasn’t in bed by then, no story. Then we shifted to reading until nine-thirty, so as long as she got in bed at least five minutes before that, Eric or I would read for her. Now she isn’t even in bed before ten on most evenings, and stories really aren’t happening any more.

In the evenings, she likes listening to The Hunger Games. That’s because she’s not allowed to play games or watch movies late at night, which is what she would prefer to do. When she isn’t playing, she likes to draw cute pictures, especially of cats.

At school, with less than a month to go until school’s out, there’s less and less actual schoolwork happening and more and more events of all kinds. The kids from the entire school ran the J√§rvastafetten relay race (together with kids from other school); they had an “open classrooms” morning where kids held lessons for the parents; and outings of various kinds.

Bits and pieces:

  • Making plans for Comic Con Stockholm, which takes place in September, and thinking about how to earn more money in time for it, so she can buy more stuff there
  • Broadening her range of dinners and cooking from new recipes rather than the same old five favourites
  • Trying out the Swedish “Saturday candy” thing