Likes: mostly computer games. Minecraft and Overwatch particularly.
Reading Kalle Anka. The best days are the days when a new issue of Kalle Anka Pocket arrives in the mailbox.
Her new red Converse sneakers.
Long hugs and cosy chats in the dark with me when she’s gone to bed and turned off the light.

Ingrid has chosen to switch to a vegetarian diet not only at home (where she has little choice) but also at school and elsewhere, for the sake of the animals and the environment.

She still likes to listen to Sheila Chandra’s A Zen Kiss at bedtime. It’s become a solid routine now. I’m glad it’s such a beautiful album, I have no problem listening to it night after night.

We discovered that she has very dry skin, almost breaking out in eczema in places, and she’s now treating it with various creams and lotions. (A moisturizing cream for most of her body, a mild hydrocortisone cream for the red and itchy parts, a fatter salve for her dry toes, and a special salve for a sore area by her nose.) She likes being/feeling organized, so she drew a chart of her body, marking out the areas that need treatment.