I’ve been looking forward to real spring not only because spring brings sunlight and green grass and flowers, but also because I could then start biking to work again. Last weekend I thought the time had finally arrived, but then we got some seriously cold mornings again and I had to postpone the start of biking season yet again. (I have no problem with freezing weather, but my bike is not equipped for icy streets.)

Today I decided to that biking season was going to start, come what may, and had my first bike commute to the “new” office. Not that it feels new any more, but I haven’t cycled there yet.

The outcome was so-so.

The routes that Google proposed (and I tried two different options, one there and another one back) were not very pleasant. There were several roadworks completely blocking my way that Google didn’t know about. The routes were full of road crossings and traffic lights and fiddly turns, right past a commuter train station with lots of pedestrians wandering around in the bike lane – much of it was slow and frustrating going.

And I’d forgotten just how warm I get when I’m cycling so I was hot and sweaty. And then it rained, which wasn’t a problem in and of itself, but it meant that I couldn’t take any photos, and I had to put on a rain jacket which made me even hotter.

I’m sure Google’s routes are good if getting there fast is your primary goal. If I used one of these routes daily for a week or two, I’d learn the messy parts by heart and get there even faster. But I want to enjoy my ride, and I will never really enjoy any of these routes. They’re messy.

But Kungsholmen isn’t that far off from my destination. So tomorrow I’ll follow my old route – with its lovely straight, clear, wide bike lanes, and the less lovely Tranebergsbron bridge – as far as I can, and then turn off towards the city at the very end, and see how much longer that approach takes me.

And I will not wear the fleece jacket, no matter how cold the weather seems.