I decided to ignore Easter and all its traditions and musts as much as possible. So we’re not painting eggs today, or cooking fancy Easter food. Instead we went for an Easter walk in Tyresta.

It’s Easter and the last day of March and the springtime sun can be warm, but the weather is still really cold. We were all wearing our winter gear, padded trousers and warm jackets. The paths were still covered with a thick and really slippery layer of ice. Eric and I often chose to walk next to the path when it got really bad. The kids didn’t even consider icy paths “bad”: they happily crawled and slid on the icy patches and even actively sought out the most slippery places. I guess the risk of falling doesn’t bother them. For me, the ground is too far away and my body is too heavy and breakable for such risks.

A few hours of walking took us to the Bylsjön campfire site where we had lunch. It was in a very nice and sunny spot by the lakeside, and thus quite popular. Families and groups were coming and going all the time, locals as well as tourists, and grilling sausages. Ingrid and Adrian were disappointed that there was a fire already going when we got there and we didn’t get to build our own, but again we adults had a different view and found this quite convenient.

Adrian climbing a tree in a nearby park.

“Tasteful and stylish” is not the aim when putting together an Easter witch outfit.

I worked from home today due to a midday appointment.

While the weather is still not particularly spring-like, the home office / library now gets direct sunshine not just in the morning, but in the afternoon as well.

I am semi-obsessed by the sun this time of the year. After several months of either darkness or gray skies, I feel like I am waking to life again.

Out of curiosity I looked for weather statistics for the past few months, and from December to February, Stockholm (as well as most of the rest of Sweden) had on average over 80% cloud cover. No wonder life felt gray.

Adrian beading a Snorlax.

Ingrid with a quilt she made herself.

As soon as the snow disappears – which it actually has done on the sunnier side of the garden – the crocuses are ready.

Spring after spring, this still fascinates me.

We went for a walk around lake Judarn. Or rather, across lake Judarn. After the recent melt-and-then-freeze weather, the paths in the woods were as slippery as they could possibly be, and uneven and treacherous. The lake ice meanwhile was solid and thick (30+ centimetres according to an ice report conveniently posted on the lakeshore by the city) and flat.

Eric with tea and reading material.

tretton37 is outgrowing the Stockholm office and is preparing to move this summer. Today we got a preview of the new office. It was still full of building materials and several months away from being ready, but it was still fun to see the place and imagine what it will look like when done.

Compared to the current place, we will not only have much more space (especially meeting rooms, of which there is a near-permanent desperate shortage) but also more daylight, with windows in three directions. Also other unexpected amenities such as potentially a small terrace area, plus changing rooms and showers in the basement, and lockable bicycle parking rooms.