I am a sweet snob. I find most candy – and biscuits and cakes – not worth eating. Good quality dark chocolate is one notable exception – in the shape of both bars and truffles/pralines (the Belgian kind, with a soft flavoured filling inside a chocolate shell).

My favourite maker of pralines is Chokladfabriken, a Swedish firm. In part because they make really good ones, and in part because they have a shop at St. Eriksplan, which was very close to my previous office. I could easily pick up pralines on my way home from work.

Then I changed jobs and lost my easy access to Chokladfabriken, and there was a serious chocolate drought at home. Even the children – who have learned to appreciate the pralines, especially Adrian – started telling me they missed the pralines, even though they are quite happy to eat the standard cheap sugary stuff as well.

And now I found out that the new office is right around the corner from another Chokladfabriken shop. They have three shops in Stockholm, and I’ve had the luck to move from near one to even nearer another. I’m happy again.