I love persimmons. They’re a perfect combination of juicy and sweet and tangy. They’re like a winter version of plums.

They’re also making me switch supermarkets.

Coop, one of the two local supermarkets, almost never has them (and when they do, the persimmons are hard and nearly flavourless) while the other, ICA, reliably stocks perfectly juicy and ripe ones.

For years, I was a loyal Coop customer with a membership card and everything. When we first moved here, I always chose Coop because their store has enough space for prams. ICA was very cramped – with a pram I was always blocking someone’s way, or vice versa – and the store felt kind of grotty, too.

Now all kinds of circumstances have changed and I’m on the cusp of switching my loyalty to ICA.

Pram-friendliness is obviously not relevant any more. ICA has redesigned their store so it feels much brighter and tidier and more spacious. But the main thing is that nobody at Coop seems to know or care about fruit and vegetables, whereas someone at ICA obviously does.

I do much less shopping in the supermarkets nowadays, anyway. I buy much of our groceries online, but I don’t trust the online shops with fruit and veg. Carrots and onions and apples are easy. (Although I was once delivered a bag of apples that were so unripe they were basically inedible.) But when it comes to produce that needs to be carefully handled or chosen, or to be just ripe enough, even many physical stores fail. (Such as the Coop store here.) The odds of some anonymous picker at the online shop getting it right are slim to none. I do not want unripe bananas or hard pale tomatoes. So ICA gets most of my custom from now on.