We have a bunch of Lego fridge magnets. Actually we have a whole lot of fridge magnets in general, and our fridge and freezer are constantly covered in a variety of artwork, school schedules, postcards, Christmas cards, theatre tickets and other odds and ends.

But the Lego magnets have gotten a special role. I often use them as visual reminders of tasks that need doing the same day. When the task needs doing, I move a Lego guy from the fridge to the kitchen table as a friendly, colourful reminder. We walk past there so many times during the day that we’re bound to notice it several times.

There’s a Santa figure that symbolizes ordering groceries online. There’s a bearded guy that sometimes stands for haircuts but sometimes also for homework (bearded = wise = learning). There’s a shark and a manta ray that remind the kids that it’s bathing day. Etc.

Adrian also likes playing with them and experimenting with the magnets. He likes the way they sometimes attract and sometimes repel each other. Here he’s using the bearded guy to push the manta ray guy around.