Ingrid had a dentist’s checkup today. She had a cavity last time, and the time before, so she was really dreading this visit.

She brushes her teeth twice a day; she never drinks soda; she has a single sweet thing once a day after dinner. She’s just had bad luck with her teeth. Unfortunately I am pretty sure I know where she got her weak teeth from. Me. I’ve always had weak teeth, and cavities all the time despite taking good care of my teeth. My mum has even worse teeth, again despite taking very diligent care of them.

I think I finally beat the cavities with fluoride mouth wash, which I discovered about ten years ago. Since then I’ve hardly had any problems at all.

Ingrid was also advised to start using mouth wash, and it seems to be working for her as well. In any case, she had no cavities this time, which we were both very pleased about.

(She didn’t want me to take any photos of the dentist visit, so here she is walking across the schoolyard, back to her classes.)