Adrian still loves reading Bamse. Every morning, as soon as he is dressed and has come downstairs, he grabs a binder of old issues of Bamse comics and sets it on the kitchen table, before he goes looking for breakfast. Like a morning paper. In the evenings he’s been reading LasseMaja books (detective stories).

He enjoys watching Ingrid play Overwatch, and plays a bit himself. His fine motor skills and reaction speed are nowhere near Ingrid’s, so he stays in the training arena and skirmish mode or whatever it’s called, rather than playing against other human players. The best part is opening loot boxes, though.

Legos are, amazingly, losing their charm. It’s been a while since he built with them, or even spoke longingly of getting new models. Recently he’s been building with Plus Plus instead.

He likes comfy, soft hoodies and knitted sweaters. All other clothes are simply something to wear and he just grabs one from his chest of drawers, but the hoodies are important.

He has his winter hairdo, which simply means no haircuts, because it’s warmer this way. His hair passed a phase when it looked simply overgrown, and is now more wild, which actually looks kind of better to me. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it.

He has dry, rough skin during the cold, dry season and I put on lotion on his arms etc every other evening. The arms are easy, actually, but he also needs lotion on the backs of his thighs, and around his stomach and waist – sensitive areas where he is both a bit ticklish and really feels the coldness of my hands. It always leads to a lot of wriggling and squealing laughter.