Ingrid doing her homework. She is preparing for a big test in Social Studies, which will cover the basics of all three major Abrahamic religions. The teacher has handed out several pages of practice questions and Ingrid is now trying to find the answers in her book.

It’s not going very smoothly, and it’s a good thing I’m here to help – the textbook is actually not very good. I haven’t seen anything there that I know to be factually incorrect, but it doesn’t make the connections between facts clear at all. For example, sometimes the book states two pieces of information right next to each other, without explaining the relationship between them at all. Sometimes this makes it seem like A causes B, or like B is an example of A, etc, but in reality there is nothing of the kind. Etc. As an educated adult equipped with an above-average level of general knowledge, I can unpick this vagueness, but for a child, this must be really confusing. I guess they must have covered this material in class as well, but either Ingrid has forgotten the details, or the teacher skipped some of it.