It is almost impossible to have too many whisks.

I don’t like buying or owning unnecessary things, especially bulky things that we/I rarely use. We actually gave away our food processor – not because we didn’t find it useful, but because we didn’t use it often enough to make it worth the space. I think not just twice but many times before I buy a special-purpose item.

Everyday tools are a different matter. I want to have enough whisks, kitchen scissors, measuring spoons, saucepans and mixing bowls etc in the kitchen so I can work without ever worrying about running out of them. If I’ve used one decilitre-sized measuring cup for something wet, I want to be able to grab another one for flour, rather than wash and dry the first one. I want a spiral whisk for sauces and a balloon whisk for cake batter, and then one more of each so I can always just work.