Ingrid is home after spending a week at scout camp. Tanned, tired and hoarse, but very happy with the whole experience.

She’s been to camp before but this one was larger in scale than any of the previous camps. This was a country-wide Jamboree, with eleven thousand scouts attending from all over Sweden and even from abroad. (Interesting fact: I read that the Spånga scout group made up one per cent of them.) Ingrid got to meet scouts from all sorts of places ranging from England to Hong Kong.

Among other scouts, she also met the King of Sweden – he’s a patron of the scouting movement and takes a very active interest in scouting. Well, she didn’t personally meet and greet him, but she said she got to see him from just a few metres’ distance.

Even more memorable than meeting the king, according to Ingrid, was swimming in the sea. (The beaches around here are all lakeside beaches.)