On the ferry on our way to Estonia, for the annual visit.

I sewed Poke balls for Adrian, so he can throw them at imaginary Pokemons to catch them all.

Meanwhile, Ingrid is looking for a new phone. The old one is sort of broken (she has to put it in loudspeaker mode to hear anything) but almost more importantly it’s too old for playing Pokemon Go.

Now that I’m on vacation I can start catching up on all the things I had no time for during most of June. Such as buying clothes for the kids. And digging a trench for the hedge.

One edge of the trench is easy to dig because it was recently moved, when the retaining wall was built. Along the other edge, after less than the depth of the spade, I’m already digging down in hard-packed, dead-looking, gravelly soil untouched by any grass roots, and prying out rocks of various sizes.

In the middle, there is an area that is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you get. It looks like the soil hasn’t been touched in decades. But it has been moved at some point, probably either when the house was built, or when the extension was added. I’m leaning towards the former, because among rusty tools (such as this rake) and building materials (broken bricks, chunks of concrete, bent and rusted L-bars) I find pieces of animal bones. The extension was built in the 70s and I’m kind of guessing that people did not throw bones in the garden at that time. But in the 1900s they might have thrown them on a compost heap in some corner of the garden.

More shopping today. Ingrid got a pile of new clothes.

It struck me today that she no longer looks like a little girl. All grown up soon…

First day of my summer vacation. Adrian and I are heading to town for some shopping. (Above all we need a proper hiking rucksack in his size.)

Catching Pokemons. Best way to get stir crazy children out of the house.

I can’t say I’m in a mood to celebrate anything, but a picnic is always nice.

We picnic’ed at Hammarskog together with my mum. Afterwards, my brother also joined us for a game of Mysterium and a barbecued dinner. (I can’t call it an actual barbecue because the weather was quite chilly so we sat indoors; the only thing outside was the grill itself.)

We were going to cycle straight home because Ingrid was on her own all day, probably bored to death, barely able to use her right hand… but we just couldn’t get past that climbing structure.

It is quite normal for grown-up women to lie down on the ground under playground structures to get better photos of their kids, isn’t it?

A late night in the office, for a server migration job. It was past 2 in the morning when I felt confident that we were done enough so that I could leave. And then at it again the next morning for the inevitable post-migration “firefighting”.

This job is seriously messing up my life.

Ingrid’s stay at scout camp was cut very short since she fell and hurt her wrist on the evening of the first day. She stayed the night but was taken to the hospital in Norrtälje yesterday, where the wrist was x-rayed and bandaged. So now the poor girl is at home and bored, instead of enjoying camp life. She can’t really use her right hand for anything so she cannot even play Minecraft.