Fine, warm weather again, so we’re having dinner outside.

Setting the table is Adrian’s job around the house. He doesn’t like having to carry all the tableware from the kitchen to the deck, so on evenings like this, he grumbles more than usual about having to do all this hard work. But he likes eating outside on the deck.

After who knows how many months of setting the table, he still struggles with where the knife and fork are supposed to go. Sometimes he sets half the places the right way and the other half the other way. Telling him that the knife goes on the right doesn’t help, because how are you supposed to remember that? It’s just random, and could equally well be the other way round. Recently I thought of telling him to think of the knife as a mini-sword, and think about which hand he would hold a sword with, and then put the knife on that side. I think this might work better.