April barely felt like spring. It was truly “April weather” all the way, with repeated snowfalls and temperatures barely above freezing. Today it’s May, and it’s like spring suddenly arrived at full blast, with brilliant sunshine and balmy temperature. We brought out the deck furniture and had both breakfast and lunch outside. During all of April we hadn’t considered sitting outside even once.

In the afternoon Adrian and I got busy in the garden. (Who knows how long this weather will stay!) We did all of Adrian’s favourite things in the garden, which coincidentally happened to be useful as well.

First we spread cow manure in all the planting boxes. I carted sacks of manure in the wheelbarrow, with Adrian sitting on top and shouting that he’s the “king of cow manure!”. He then killed the bags with a pair of scissors (after checking with the bag if it wanted to be killed, and the bag said yes) and we spread it out together.

Then Adrian asked if we could also assemble the frames for the netting over the strawberries. That’s his favourite project in the whole gardening season. So we did that as well, even though we’re nowhere near needing them yet.

The next coolest task in the garden is cutting things – any things – with pruning shears. So we did a bit of that as well and culled the raspberry bushes.