I’m off for a week-long ski tour today. Last year I toured a part of the Kungsleden; this year I’ll be skiing in the Jotunheimen natural park.

Otherwise it’ll be pretty much the same. I’ll be travelling with the same company, and half the group are the same folks as last year.

Yesterday was packing and charging day. I pack light and leave most optional extras behind. Somewhat selfishly I assume that other people will be bringing stuff such as duct tape that could be good to have in an emergency, but is heavy and unlikely to see any use. The two heaviest parts of my pack will be (1) electronics (phone, camera, Kindle, charger, extra batteries) and (2) food and drink (thermos, water bottle, snacks). Learning from last year, I’m bringing an extra camera battery and compensating by packing fewer extra clothes.

Today is transportation day: commuter train, Arlanda Express, Norwegian flight to Oslo, and then a 4-5 hour car ride to Gjendesheim hut.