Both kids longed to play a board game, and we settled on Ticket to Ride, one of our favourite games. Even Adrian can now join in, with just a few adjustments.

It began well, but then as time passed, things started going downhill. Ingrid made a mistake (built the wrong route at one point) and then decided to get all huffy and sulky and took to throwing her cards when it was her turn. Adrian had increasing difficulties with sitting still and kept fidgeting and climbing around. My mother was constantly complaining about how worthless cards she kept getting. Eric and I made efforts to steer everyone back towards enjoying the game, then gave up on that and enjoyed ourselves only. Finally everybody else’s obvious non-enjoyment got to be too much for us as well, and we simply aborted the game and packed up.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, they complained about that as well. They all got some odd kind of pleasure out of their non-enjoyment of the game.