Adrian was sick yesterday and stayed home from school. This morning the state of his health was unclear, so he stayed home again. A few hours later it was clear that he was perfectly well. Which was good news for him, of course, but also meant I could take him with me to town and not miss my gym class.

While I lifted heavy things and got myself sweaty, he sat just outside and read a Pokemon book, drew and coloured using an iPad app, and built with Legos. At one point a friendly older gentleman sat down next to him. They talked, and he gave Adrian some advice on the Lego bridge that Adrian was building between a bench and a table. Both seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

(The construction is actually not just a bridge but an elevator combined with a bridge, Adrian told me.)

It still takes me a bit by surprise that he had no trouble at all entertaining himself for an hour. He is way better at this than Ingrid.