This month’s big news is that Adrian learned to read well enough to read books for fun, on his own. We borrowed books from the library and are queueing for some more. When I picked him up at school today, I found him in the quiet room, engrossed in a book.

His favourite book above all is Harry Potter. (Not for reading on his own, but listening to me or Eric read it for him.) I’d have thought him too young for it, but he loves it.

Aside from reading, he likes colouring. But only in school – he never does it at home. But every afternoon at school, I find him colouring. Mostly Pokemon pictures. That’s what all the kids at school colour and draw: Pokemons are all the rage right now.

At home he’s more likely to do some fiddly project. Beading (Pokemon figures), or Qixels for example. He bought a Qixels kit for his own pocket money. He also likes sewing; we just started sewing a Pikachu plushie together.

If he isn’t doing something Pokemon-related, he’s playing with Skylanders – both the video game and simply playing with the figures.

Mostly the Skylanders figures fight each other. So do Pokemons, and so do the Qixels figures, and his favourite books and movies are all full of fighting as well.

Legos appear to have lost at least some of their charm.