A trilogy in red, and I took these photos on three different days…


  • Christmas, and preparing for it. Ingrid’s mind is full of Christmas thoughts, and many days she wears a red top or a Santa hat. She makes Christmas gifts, counts days, opens her advent calendar package first thing every morning, makes plans for a Christmas dinner with her best friend, etc.
  • Online IQ tests, brain teasers and puzzle videos.
  • Computer games – Little things, Fireboy and Watergirl, Pokemon Go, slither.io
  • Macaroni and ketchup. Soft-boiled eggs. Yougurt and oat crisps. Clementines.
  • Bedtime stories. Currently Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Eric, and I just finished reading Nõianeiu Nöbinina.
  • Long hot showers.

Does not like:

  • Picking up after her. Stuff accumulates on all surfaces in her room; she leaves a trail of stuff behind her in every room. Then suddenly she gets a burst of inspiration and spends half an hour putting her room in order and it looks immaculate.
  • Waiting. Which means that when given a choice, she’s always last minute to every activity and appointment, and everybody else has to wait for her.