Once a week Eric and I swap duties. Normally he takes care of the mornings – getting some breakfast into the kids, brushing teeth, taking Adrian to school. I have the afternoons – school pickup, grocery shopping, dinner.

On my “free” afternoons and evenings, sometimes I run errands and then go for a nice restaurant dinner.

Sometimes I simply stay in the office and work. The majority of my time at work is spent on managing others, helping others write software, and I rarely get a chance to write much code myself. But if I stay in the office after everybody else has gone home, I can enjoy coding for several uninterrupted, focused hours.

Sometimes I go to the movies. Given a choice, I’d usually rather watch a movie together with Eric at home – it’s not as much fun discussing a movie that he hasn’t seen. But it is nice to occasionally see a movie on a big screen, especially an action-packed one with cool special effects that just don’t look as impressive on a computer monitor. (Like today’s Doctor Strange.)