This week is the last week for Ingrid’s dance classes for this week. The last lesson doubles as a dress rehearsal for their show, and parents are allowed to sit in the dance studio and watch.

Today is hip hop/street dance; tomorrow is disco.

Ingrid may not be a born street dancer – the disco moves come much more naturally to Ingrid, and to most other girls here – but after 10 weeks of practice, she can walk with some real attitude.

Close-up of an Advent star.

Eric and Adrian playing the classical game “Guess who?”

It’s the first Sunday of Advent, and we’re baking lussekatter. She particularly likes making plaits and twists.

Adrian and I went Christmas shopping in Vällingby. Lunch at McDonalds.

Somehow I keep being surprised by how sticky his hands can be after a meal. It’s should be no surprise, given how he eats.

He is no stranger to cutlery and handles them with quite adequate skill. But when given a choice, he would much rather eat with his hands – and play with his food. If one uses French fries as art and construction material, naturally one will end up with sticky hands.

It’s hard to do a sunrise full justice in a photo.

On Tuesdays the kids have “mother tongue” lessons, in Estonian, together with a third Estonian kid at their school, so I pick them up from the classroom rather than from after-school care.

When life gives you dark, wet, cold winter… make your own summer.

Adrian and a friend of his made a swimming pool out of pillows on the living room floor, and then went diving and swimming in it.

A nuthatch on our new and upgraded bird feeder.