• Making nonsense noises and playing with words in his mouth. He repeats words that feel nice, sometimes to a little tune. Anything from Crabbogoyle (“Crabbe and Goyle”) to chowder.
  • Cycling on his itty bitty bike
  • Cycling on the tow bike. Because he doesn’t have to think about balancing, he can relax and really enjoy himself. When we go really fast on a downhill bit, he squeals and whoops with joy. (At first he asked me to brake each time we got to a hill, but now it’s the opposite, he tells me to not brake.) He explores and experiments with all kinds of fun things that he cannot yet do on his own bike: the whole thing with gears, pedalling backwards (his own bike has a back-pedal brake), standing up, letting go with one hand, etc.
  • Crisp apples, but not soft ones
  • Light back rubs
  • Lego Clone Wars animated series
  • LasseMaja books

Best birthday present: Lego Chima Lion Chi Temple. He’s been talking longingly about this Lego set for at least a year. Unfortunately it’s “out of print” and super expensive in the few online shops that sell it – but that’s if you want a brand new one. Luckily we found a second-hand one on Tradera. It was the best one ever, he said.