Shooting at me with his shooting stick. Pium! Pium! Pium!

I bought an antique desk. Bought at an online auction, sight unseen – it looks good but I hope I find it usable as well!

This year’s carrot harvest. All of it. That’s not even a dinner plate, it’s a salad plate. That’s what I get for forgetting to water them.

And most of them didn’t even taste particularly good.

My mother and I are cleaning my brother’s apartment. He hasn’t been feeling well for a while and his apartment is a mess. The cleaning is taking days and I am pretty tired of it.

I ran across this old dishcloth that Ingrid decorated for my mum many years ago. It’s old and worn enough to only be used for really dirty jobs nowadays. But it made me feel better about the whole thing.

The beautiful rock face along the railway track at SpÄnga station is being hacked into pieces to make space for another railway track.

I have two schoolchildren now. Imagine that.