Two views from the top of Estonia’s tallest “mountain”, Suur Munam├Ągi. The name could be translated as Great Egg Mountain but it is neither particularly great nor really a mountain, more of a Big Egg Hill. It is all of 318 metres high, but only 60 metres relative to the land around it, and even those 60 are a really gentle slope. (It is called the Big Egg Hill because there is also a Little Egg Hill.)

We happened to be nearby so we drove there and climbed all those 60 metres to its top. The viewing tower adds another 30 metres so you can at least see past all the tree tops. Not that the view is particularly exciting, anyway.

It was more fun looking straight down. There was a cross-country cycling competition going on while we there and the route passed right across the top of the hill. In a way it should be kind of impressive for the race to pass the top of the country’s highest mountain but I am pretty sure that the cyclists had much tougher and steeper sections elsewhere.