We were going to go camping today, in Tyresta.

I had actually planned to spend some time at home (because we’ll be leaving for Estonia in just a few days) but the kids asked if we could go camping, and Eric and I generally encourage all sorts of outdoorsy activities, so we agreed. I wonder to what extent the kids were just bored and wanted something (anything!) to happen, and picked camping because they know that we like being outdoors. Well, it works for me.

The weather report promised rain showers during the afternoon, and that they would then gradually stop. As we drove to Tyresta it was raining harder and harder and showing no sign at all of letting up. When we got there, we took a long hard look at the sky, and despite the children’s teary pleas, turned back. That decision turned out to be the right one – the rain only intensified, and was joined by thunder and lightning when we stopped for an unplanned emergency dinner at a roadside McDonalds restaurant.

We rarely visit McDonalds, and the kids love it. The dinner with its Happy Meals and crappy plastic toys was almost enough to make up for the postponed camping night.