The hiking trails here are very user-friendly: well maintained and clearly marked. There are yellow painted markers at regular intervals, and signposts at each fork in the path. The signposts are numbered and marked on the maps, so they tell you not only which path to follow but also exactly where you are.

Some sections of the paths are narrow and steep, others are flatter but still rough. Very occasionally we walk on an actual road for a kilometer or two. Mostly the walking is easy for adults but challenging for the kids. They need frequent breaks, especially Adrian, so our average pace is only about 1.3 km per hour, including lunch and all other stops. (For comparison, when Eric and I used to go walking, we’d average about 3 km/hr on easy terrain, so I’d have estimated about 2.5 on these trails.) Our hikes have been about 8 or 9 km per day which is about 6 hours of walking, up to 7 hours on the longest day.

Much of their tiredness is in their heads and can be cured at least temporarily by interesting views, games, challenges etc. Adrian liked looking for and counting the yellow markers.

Both kids had very definite wishes about marching order, and of course the wishes were incompatible and changed over time. One wanted to go first, to be followed by me; but the other wanted to be second and definitely not third. And so on. Mostly we ended up with the kids in front and Eric and I at the back, which is why I mostly have pictures of the others’ backs. Sometimes I jogged ahead to get some variety in my photos.

Today we had a very, very hot and sunny walk today to the gorges de Daluis, the red sandstone canyon of the river Var. In the middle of the day we were crossing hot sunbaked rocks, totally exposed to the sun, and got so hot that we cooled off the kids by pouring water on their heads and clothes.

The highlight of the day was a viewpoint with excellent views along the canyon of the river Var. The viewpoint was a popular destination for tourists and we saw more people here than during all the other days together. These paths were off the beaten track so most days we never met any other walkers. The two exceptions were today, and the very last day when we drove to an even more popular site.